This page contains all the Newsletters, individual Pictures and Events recorded for this specific year. Scroll down the events and where you can see a camera icon there will be pictures related to that event. We are always ready to add missing items you feel should be recorded.

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Christmas Lunch

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On Saturday 21st December at 2.00pm (14.00)
Our annual Christmas lunch will again take place at at Isä Camillo on Saturday 21st December at 2.00pm. We have again invited the Australian and American Societies to join us. To help you choose your meal here are the menus, both Finnish and English.
Please let Pirkko know if you are coming by 7th December  at or tel:  044 5038924.



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On Thursday 28th November at 7.00pm (19.00)

At Musikkikeskus. James MacMillan's Saksofonikonsertto. First time performed in Finland. Coffee and cake included.

Please let Pirkko know if you are coming by 20th November  at or tel:  044 5038924.

Guy Fawkes

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On Friday 8th November at 6.00pm (18.00)

We shall have our usual Guy Fawkes party at our home at Paasinotkontie 47, 70910 Vuorela.

Please let Pirkko know your interest  at or tel:  044 5038924.


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On Tuesday 19th November at noon (12.00)

At Kuopionkaupungintheateri Kiviä Taskussa. There are some tickets still available and the society will pay half.

Please let Pirkko know if you are coming by 20th September  at or tel:  044 5038924.


Theatre - Onnen Nummerot

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On Saturday 5th October at 12.00 or Saturday 12th October at 18.15


At Kuopionkaupungintheateri OnnenNummerot. There are still some tickets available and the society will pay half.

Please let Pirkko know if you are coming by 20th September  at or tel:  044 5038924.


Monthly Lunch

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On Wednesday 25th September at noon (12.00)

Continuing with or Monthly Lunches, we thought that we would try RavintolaSkilla, Savonkatu 24, 70110 KUOPIO

Please let Pirkko know if you are coming by 20th September  at or tel:  044 5038924.

Photgraphic Exhibition

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Between Friday 6th September and Sunday 3rd November

We again have tickets for the two exhibitions at VB-Valokuvakeskus, Kuninkaankatu 14-16, 70100 Kuopio. As before, first come - first served, and I will post them to you.
Icons – An Exhibition about the Right to Exist presents portraits of famous icons and archetypes, where everyone can find someone or something to relate to.

Marat - A video iInspired by the Masters of Art History, Pekka Eloma and the Lantern task force portray each other without forgetting James Bond.

Rugby Club

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Kuopio Rugby Club naiset pelaavat kauden viimeisen kotiottelunsa Väinölänniemen stadionilla klo 13.00 alkaen ja vastustajaksi saapuu Tampere Rugby Club.
Tervetuloa seuraamaan naisrugbyä viimeistä kertaa tänä vuonna!
Liput 5€, opiskelijat ja alle 13 vuotiaat maksutta


Federation Trip to Porvoo

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On Saturday 28th August

A tour of Runeberg's House and Gardens in Porvoo. Finland's national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Fredrika Runeberg lived with their sons in Porvoo. In their house museum the works of art, Runeberg's hunting weapons in the 'fox skin room', and the porcelain in the cupboards all serve as reminders of both everyday and social life of the family. In Fredrika's garden the scent of roses, mock-orange and fruit trees fill the air in summer. The day will be led by Dr David Stokes, a horticulturalist from the University of Turku. A minibus is being arranged from Helsinki.

MAY 2019

Trip to Lapinlahti

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The Kuopio Finland-America Association is planning a trip to Lapinlahti on Wednesday 15 May.
We visit the Luovaan Puuhun, the Eemil Art Museum (guided tours to the basic exhibition) and the Väärni Rectory where we enjoy lunch and the hostess of the house, Minna Kettunen, presents the history of the place.
The whole trip costs 50 euros per person if there are 16 departures. The price includes a ride from Kuopio, a ticket and a presentation at the museum, and a presentation and lunch at the Vääni Rectory. In the Luovaan Puuhun you can enjoy your morning coffee at your own expense.
Departure from Maljalahdenkatu at 9.00am in the morning and return around 4.00pm.
Please register with Pirkko at or tel:  044 5038924 by Thursday 9th May and the Society will contribute euros 25 to your trip.

APRIL 2019

Marmalade Making - Try again

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On Saturday 13th April at 10.00am (10.00).

 We shall be making Marmalade this Saturday for sale on International Day in May. Come along to out house at Paasinotkontie 47, 70910 Vuorela and join in. Just let Pirkko know ( or telephone 044-5038924 )  if you intend to come so we know how many for lunch.

MARCH 2019

Annual General Meeting 2019

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The Annual General Meeting of the Society will take place at 6.00pm (18.00) on the 25th March 2019 at the Kompassi (Setlementti Puijola)  premises at Kauppakatu 42. There are two doors to Kompassi but you need to choose the one on Kauppakatu.


Valentine's Day

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Hei kaikille


Tässä on viimeisimmät tiedot YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄN yhteisestä tilaisuudesta KESKIVIIKKONA 13.2. 2019.


Ystävyysseurojen yhteinen Ystävänpäivän tapahtuma ke 13.2.2019 alkaen klo 17.30-21.30 ravintola BowlD1nerissa.

Saadaan tuolloin keskiviikkona koko ravintola ja keilaradat vain meidän käyttöömme, joten ystävänpäivän tilaisuus pidetään seurojemme ja yhdistysten yksityistilaisuutena.

Illan ohjelma:
Saapuminen klo 17.30 mennessä
Tervetulomalja ja maljapuhe noin klo 17.45
Buffet-iltapala noin klo 18.00-19.15
Musiikkia Amaxas noin klo 19.15-19.45
Keilailua ja visailua alkaen klo 19.45
Vapaata seurustelua ravintolan antimista nauttien klo 21.30 asti

Tässä ruokalista:

Talon alkumalja
Buffet-iltapala Savulohipastasalaattia Cobb-salaattia
Härkäpastramia ja sinappidressingiä


Ilmoittakaa erikoisruoista Pirkolle 0445038924 23.1 mennessä.


Baarista saa omalla kustannuksella muita juomia, olutta, viiniä, drinkkejä...

ILLAN HINTA  on 29,00 euroa/henkilö sis. myös keilauksen - käytössä kaikki 8 rataa.

ILMOITTAUTUMINEN 23.1.2019 mennessä ja maksu oman yhdistyksen yhteyshenkilölle/seuran tai yhdistyksen tilille.

Tervetuloa teille kaikille ja ilmoita myös ystäväsi mukaan:)


Marmalade Making

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On Saturday 12th January at 10.00am (10.00). Marmalade making

At Pirkko and Peter's home. Paasinotkontie 47, 70910 Vuorela. Once again we shall be making marmalade for sale at the International Day stall in May at Kuopio Tori.

Varkaus Theatre

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On Saturday 19th January at 1.00pm (13.00). Theatre in Varkaus

We have reserved twelve tickets so please let us know Pirkko Hill or telephone (044-5038924), by Sunday 6th January as we have to confirm these seats on 7th January.

"Pieleen meni", a delightfully funny and surprising comedy farce at The Varkaus Theatre, "The play that went wrong" won Best New Comedy in 2015. During the production a plethora of disasters befall the cast, including doors sticking, props falling from the walls, and floors collapsing. Cast members are seen misplacing props, forgetting lines, missing cues, mispronouncing words, stepping on fingers, and being manhandled off stage, with one cast member being knocked unconscious. It lasts 2 hours 20 mins. The FinnBrits will pay half of the ticket which is a normal price of euros 24/22.