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Marmalade Sales - 28th April 2012

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Christmas Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

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Christmas Festival of Nine Lessons and  Carols was celebrated at the Old Männistö Church on Friday 14 December .  Revd. Tuomas Mäkipää from The Anglican Church in Finland attended  the service for the first time. Layreader John Mills and Revd Panu Pohjolainen from Kuopio took part in the service. Friendship and refreshments were served after the service.

English Christmas Carols

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After the delicious meal it was lovely to walk over to the Cathedral  and listen to some more Christmas Carols.

 Richard Nicholls wrote,

                      “Organists Anu Pulkkinen , Outi Keskisipilä and I myself with a group of singers from the Sibelius Academy, will be leading the singing of English Christmas Carols. This  will be a rather special event for these (among other) reasons:  Anu and Outi perform variations on the Carols on two organs (the main and the choir organ), and then we,  the congregation, sing them.  It will also be special for me, as my father (the retired  organist and choirmaster of St. Finnbarre's Anglican Cathedral, Cork) has arranged   especially for this occasion four new Christmas Carols: Ding Dong Merrily on High, Once in the Royal, Silent Night and We Three Kings. So this will be a world  premiere with audience participation guaranteed!
 This is the third time that   we are singing Christmas Carols with two organs, and the last two times proved very  successful indeed”.

Traditional English Christmas Lunch

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The Traditional English Christmas Lunch was served for the  10th time at Isä Camillo on Saturday 15  December. The menu is as delicious as usual.


                              Cold smoked salmon with a lemon cream cheese, dill oil and brown bread

                      Roast Turkey Breast, Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Bacon &  

                     Sausage Rolls, Roast Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots

                             Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter

   About 70 people was gatheres to enjoy the meal. The pudding with huge flames was greatly admired.


Guy Fawkes Night

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To celebrate the Guy Fawkes Night has already become a tradition also here in Kuopio. Guy was a member of a provincial Catholic group that wanted to explode the Parliament Houses and assassinate King James I on 5th November in 1605 to restore Catholic Faith in England. The plot failed, Guy was caught and burned.  That's what  happened to him also this year at the Kröger's in Paasisaloon Friday 2nd November 2012. About 30 people attended the party among them people from Britain, Italy, Swizerland and Egypt.

Regional Debate

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 Regional Debate took place at Kuopion Lyseo on Saturday 17 Novevember 2012 am. Teams of three students from Kuopion Lyseo and Minna Canth Sixth Forms  defending their views and opposed those of the other team.  As the teams belonged to different categories, the debate was not so much about winning as to give the students an opportunity to get some practice and feedback from native judges Peter Hill, Mikko Hill and William Ansell. The debate was chaired by Katri Silvasti from Minna Canth and timed by Leena Kärnä from Lyseo. Sakari Pääkkönen, Tuukka Heiskanen and Andrej Solovian were in the Lyseo team and they continued to Helsinki for the Finals. Minna Canth had only two members Eetu Kontkanen and Jaso Valtonen.Unfortunately the third member had fallen ill. 


Irish Evening

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Jonathan Cole, an Irishman living now in Kuopio, told us about  his homeland at the Malja, a pub and wine bar, on Wednesday 17th October 2012. Malja has got a choice of English and Irish beer and cider and whisky of course. Sitting by Malja's "fireplace" Johnny's talk was greatly enjoyed and lfollowed by a lively discussion. 


Book Club

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The first Book Club meeting this autumn was held at Joanne Jalkanen's in Siilinjärvi on Saturday 1st September 2012. The participants presented each a book of their own choice they had read in summer. Everybody had also brought good food along so that it was anonymously agreed  it was the best book club so far  this year.

Chatting with Mike Davies over Dinner

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Mike Davies from Tampere   visited Kuopio on Friday 28th September. He was our guest at dinner/ in Restaurant Isä Camillo. Over the meal books and films were chatted.

MAY 2012

Book Club

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The last Book Club meeting this season took place at Kummisetä on Monday 28 May . The book to discuss was Judith Cutler's exciting historical crime novel The Keeper of Secrets.

"Cracking... Streets ahead of most historical crime fiction" says Andrew Taylor, the author of The American Boy

International Spring Fair

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International Spring Fair took place at the harbour on Saturday 26th May 2012. Friendship societies and voluntary organizations in Kuopio  introduced themselves and told about their activties. Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry sold homemade thin-cut orange marmalade and people had an opportunity to swap or buy second-hand books in English. There was entertaining programme on stage during the whole event and some of the stalls served snacks. The weather couldn't have been better ; the sun shone beautifully during the whole event.  A great number of people attended the fair.

Spring Party

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Arja and Malcolm Graham kindly invited us to their beautiful home for a Spring Party in Särkilahdentie 1 b 32 on Friday 4th May at 6.30 pm. It was an enjoyable evening with good company and good food. The salads Malcolm had made were delicious as well as his cake. The various cheese the society provided were tasty and there was a good choice of wine thanks to  BYO. Our warm thanks to Malcolm, Arja and their lovely daughter Victoria.

APRIL 2012

Book Club

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The Bok Club met for the third time  in Kummisetä on Tuesday, 3rd April 2012.

The book to discuss was Tracy Kidder's Strength in What Remains. If not available here, the book could easily be ordered it either from or  The book will be delivered to you in a few days' time.

Federation AGM

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The Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Finnish-British Societies was held in Turku at the Bridgettine Sisters' Guesthouse on Saturday, 14 April 2012. After the meering the new culture centre  LOKOMO was visited to see some interesting exhibitions.

The previous night on the 10th Anniversary of Turku Finnish-British Society was celebrated. However, it turned out that the society was much older but had had some quiet years before getting active again ten years ago.


MARCH 2012

Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry AGM

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The Annual General meeting of Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry was held  in Kompassi, on Tuesday 27 March at 6 pm. The meeting was chaired by Mr Raimo Turjanmäki. Tuula Laine was elected the chair with the other board members  Peter and Pirkko Hill, Paul Bailey, Johanna Leminen, Päivi Oksanen and Katri Silvasti with Anja Pasanen and Anneli Kröger in reserve. After the formal meeting Dr Narasinha Shurpali from the University of Eastern Finland told us about the journey of his life from India via the USA and Belgium to Finland. The Indian snacks and Marsala tea he had made were thoroughly enjoyed.


Book Club

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Book Club Meeting

The novel for our next discussion is to be Rachel’s Shoe by Peter Lehou. Thank you to Eileen for suggesting it!
The place is Kummisetä on Thursday the 2nd of February at 18.00.

Orange Marmalade

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Orange marmalade was made at the Hills' in Paasisalo on Saturday, 4 February. it was freezing cold outside but nice and warm in the Hills' kitchen. About 50 jars were made to be sold at the Spring Fair on 26 May. For lunch delicious Russian fishsoup was enjoyed.

St.Valentine's Day Party

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St. Valentine's Day Party ws given together with the other friendship societies in Kuopio in Savonia on Saturday, 11 February. The theme was Switzerland and that was reflected in the programme and the buffet dinner. Over a hundred memebers fromvarious friendship societies attanded the party.

Stories and Music by Nick Hennessey

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Nick Hennessey, the story teller and musician, from Great Britain gave an excellent  performance of Stealing of the Sun and  Moon based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala on Tuesday, 21st February. The venue was Kuopion Lyseo. Those present greatly enjoyed the enchanting performance of this great storyteller.

Tallinn Weekend Training

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Training in Tallinn

A refreshing and stimulating Debate training in Tallinn on 10th and 11th February. by Eva Sule and Nick Hennessey

The Federation of Finnish British Societies has organised  "debate start-up skills and storytelling" workshops in Tallinn in English.  The trip is to start from Helsinki on Friday 10th at midday).

Workshop 1

The workshop will be run by experienced competitor and judge Eva Sule.

The themes are:

  • What does debating mean>
  • What is the benefit to school and to everyday life?
  • How does the class debate?
  • What should be highlighted in debate training.

Workshop 2

Nick Hennessey's workshop is on oral expression and narrative story.

  • An understanding of how the language works at creating images.
  • What a saga is expected to be?
  • Stories in public are very stylized and the trick is to create rhythm and body language in the pattern of the telling.

These workshops are suitable for all users of the language furthering the ability to communicate through speech, listening, and interpretation. The power of the spoken language to communicate  is particularly important for language teachers and all others who need to communicate skills.

The workshops are in the Tallinn English School which also offers an opportunity for networking.

The price for this event is about $ 100 (travel and accommodation). The first 30 applicants will get places. Contact