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Mad Skater - 19th February 2011
St.Valentine's - 12th February 2011
Orange Marmalade - 29th January 2011

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Christmas Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols was celebrated at the old Männistö Church,  on Friday, 16 December, at 7 pm. Refreshments and friendship after the service.

Kuopio Symphony Orchestra's Concert

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Kuopio Symphony Orchestra will perform British music in their Christmas Concert  on Wednesday, 21 December, at 7 pm. The orchestra, soloist and two choirs will perform Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas. Saint Nicolas was the bishop of Smyrna in the 300s.  He is told to have saved children and thus served as a model for present day  Santa Claus.

Regional Debate Semi-Final

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Regional Debate Semi-Final was held at Kuopion Lyseo  on Saturday, 10 December 2011.

Two teams tooks part in the debate: Sara Kylliänen and Ilkka Hiltunen from Kallavesi and Hanna Pääkkö and Aaro Lappalainen from Minna Canth Senior Secondary Schools. The participants debated on two topics.

1. In today's world David Beckham and Usain Bolt are more important than Shakespeare.

2. The government  must take action to protect citizens agains becoming overweight.

The debate was chaired by  Katri Silvasti,  Aira-Sisko Karvonen acted as the timekeeper  assisted by Leena Kärna. The judges were  Paul Bailey and Mikko Hill, both native speakers of English. The winning team this year was that from Minna Canth. They will take part in the national debate  in the British Embassy in Helsinki on 27 January 2012.  The winning team there will be awarded a tour to Britain in summer.

Traditional English Christmas Lunch

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The 9th traditional English Christmas Lunch was served at Isä Camillo Restaurant in Kuopio on Saturday 17 December 2011. Thanks to Kristiina Bailey and the English chef, Allan, we had the pleasure of enjoying the traditional Christmas Lunch for the 9th time here in Kuopio.

The menu was as follow:
v      Cold smoked salmon with a lemon cream cheese, dill oil and brown bread
v      Roast Turkey Breast, Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Bacon & Sausage Rolls, Roast Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots
v      Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter

Jaana Turunen delighted those present by singing some ChristmasCarols that were very appropriate for the occasion. They were happily joined in by the others. Next year will be a special one; the Christmas Lunch will be enjoyed in Kuopio for the 10th time.



Guy Fawkes Night

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Guy Fawkes was again  remenbered on Friday, 4 November, at a party hosted by Pirkko and Peter Hill in their home in Paasisalo.  Mulled wine, delicious tomato soup and hotdogs were enjoyed outside while watching Guy  burning  on top of a bonfire. Once Guy was burned  the party  continued inside with coffee, tea, cakes, wine and merry making.  Everybody is already looking forward to poor Guy being burnt next year again.

Kuopio Symphony Orchestra's Concert

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Sian EdwardsEmma Johnson Kuopio Symphony Orchestra will have both an English conductor and an English soloist in its concert in the Music Centre on Thursday, 10 November, at 7 pm.  Sian Edwards will conduct the concert and Emma Johnson will perform Will Todd's Jazzconcerto. Emma Johnson won the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition in 1984 and in 1991 Young Concert Artist International Audition, which led to her New York City recital debut at Carnage Hall. Will Todd is a well-known British jazz painist and composer.


Indian Migration

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Doctor Rajpar explained how the Indians emigrated to different parts of the British Empire. He brought out the history of Great Britain, India and Africa and this will explain the complicated migration of British Indians.

Doctor Rajpar is of Indian origin born in Tanzania, Africa. He went to school and university in Great Britain. He came to Turku in the late 60s to see the new University Hospita. It was not only the hospital he saw but a beautiful Turku girl who has been his wife now for more than forty years. The Rajpars are long-standing members of Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry.

The venue was Multicultural Centre Kompassi on Wednesday 12 October at 6 pm


A Good Read

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Mikael Davies from Tampere visited Kuopio and  recommendded recent novels in English that are both accessible and gripping. He told about some of the more unusual activities taking place in UK book groups.

MAY 2011

Butiken på Landet and the Mikkeli City Theatre

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Unfortunately we had to cancel the bustour to Wehmai's Manor house in Juva and the  visit to their Putiken på Landet- shop and Tearoom this spring. However, we look forward to another visit there in autumn to enjoy their afternoon tea. The tearoom offers  two types of teas, sandwiches, scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam and some cakes.


International Fair

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The International Spring Fair was held at the harbour on Saturday, 28 May. Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry was there with the other friendship societies in Kuopio to introduce themselves and their activities. Home-made orange marmalade  and second -hand books were sold in out stall.  They sold very well so that a nice sum of money was earned to give to charity. There was entertaining programme on the stage during the whole event. The guest of honour was Mr.Wilson Kirwa from the Fair Trade. He is a famous runner and he has also written books to children. The wather during this 4-hour event varied greatly: sunshine, rain, hail and thunder.


Liz Niven, a Scottish Poet

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We had the pleasure of meeting Liz Niven, one of the leading Scottish poets of today, here in Kuopio in the City Library on Monday, 9 May. He recited her own poems together with another Scottish poet, Donald Adamson. The translations were read by our boardmember Katri Silvasti.Donald Adamson lives presently in Tampere. He has translated Finnish poetry into English.


APRIL 2011

Finn-Brits' Federation AGM

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The Federation of Finnish-British Societies held their Annual General Meeting in Kuopio at Scandic Hotel on Saturday, 9 April. Aftr the formal meeting, welcoming drinks and a three-course dinner were served in the private diningroom Kallavesi with a beautiful view over the lake. After dinner Richard Nicholls and Tuija Ojala enterteined the guest with an excellent performance of  a pot-pourri of English song and music through the ages.

On Sunday a sight seeing tour was organised guided by Raimo Turjanmäki. He took the tour over the Islands Road to Saaristokaupunki. A short  stroll was taken in the last year's Housing Fair area. Lunch was enjoyedd at Puijo Tower. Salmon soup and blueberries in rye crust with coffee or tea. The bus took the participants back to town and to the station, where the participants took their trains to Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Mikkeli and Oulu. Those fromTampere and Turku had already taken an earlier train.

MARCH 2011


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The Anual General Meeting of the Kuopio Finnish-British Society ry  was held at Kompassi  on Wednesday, 9 March. Traditional English Cream Tea was served.

After the AGM  William Ansell, our free-lance teacher, having reached his half century, lookedk back on more than 20 years in Finland, reflecting on what brought him to this country, what has kept him here and how Finland has changed during that time.


Mad English skater attempts the 200km Ice Marathon

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Teddy Keen also known as Teddy the Penguin did what he intended: skating the 200 km Ice Marathon here in Kuopio on Saturday. He participated in the skating event  to raise awareness of Apert Syndroma. He also wanted to raise money for  the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London. The hospital helped treat his brother, who suffers from the illness. The Committee  invited him and his wife to dine with us at Kummisetä on Thursday, 17 February. A hat was passed around for donations and the sum was doubled by the society. Teddy was really grateful for our contribution of EUR 180 to his cause and we had a very pleasant evening with him and his wife. To learn more visit Teddy's website  www.teddyonice.

St. Valentine's Day Party

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Local friendship societies joined their forces to give a St. Valentine's Day Party  at Savonia Hotel and Restaurant  on Saturday, 12 February. The theme was Germany and Hungary as those societies are celebrating their 40th and 50th anniversaries respectively. That was reflected in the programme and the buffet dinner. Those present enjoyed entertaining programm, good food and company - all that for only €23.


National Debating Competition Finals

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The English Debating Competition Final for nationwide Lukio students was held at the British Embassy in Helsinki on 28th January 2011.

A Kuopio team from Minna Canth lukio participated in the finals. They were not one of the winners but were excited to take part and both thought that the experience was very worthwhile. They enjoyed their expedition to Helsinki and made a number of new friends.

Orange Marmalade Bee

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Our members were very busy making orange marmalade at the Hills' kitchen in Paasisalo on Saturday, 29 January. The marmalade will be sold at the spring Fair, Mahdollisuuksien tori, in Satamatori. Last year the marmalde was sold in the blink of an eye so this year there will be a few more jars to sell. The money will be used for charity.