This page contains all the Newsletters, individual Pictures and Events recorded for this specific year. Scroll down the events and where you can see a camera icon there will be pictures related to that event. We are always ready to add missing items you feel should be recorded.

Newsletters in 2010

Gallery Pictures in 2010
Orange marmalade - 22nd May 2010
Spring Fair - 22nd May 2010
Singapore - 20th May 2010
Kullervo by Nick - 13th April 2010
Dinner with Nick - 13th April 2010

Events in 2010

Carol Servive

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Chistmas Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols will be held with the Anglican Chaplain in Finland, Revd. Rupert Moreton, at Old Männistä  Church on Friday,17 December, at 7pm. Holy Communion will be celebrated in the Anglican way. Refreshments and friendship afterwards.

Old Männistö Church is at Lönnrotinkatu 24 on bus routes 5 and 23 from the centre.

Traditional English Christmas Lunch

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The traditonal English Christmas Lunch will be served as usual at Isä Camillo on Saturday 18 December at 12.00. The price for adults is EUR 27.50 and for children EUR 13.00 plus drinks. The menu is as follow:

     * Cold smoked samon with a lemon cream cheese, dill oil and brown bread

     * Roast Turkey Breast, Stuffing, Gravy, Crandberry Sauce, Bacon & Sausage Rolls, Rosted                  Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots

    *  Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter

Booking by Friday 3 December preferably by sending email to Kristiina Bailey or calling her 040-7020 523. In the email any allergies and the age of any children should be indicated.


Bonfire Night

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"Remember,remember the Fifth of November..." It was remembered and   Guy Fawkes' arrest and the failure of the Gunpowder plot in London in 1605 were celebrated at the Hills' in Paasisalo on Friday, 5th November. In the darkness of the evening the poor Guy was happily burnt on the bonfire lit by Peter Hill. Once the bonfire was extinguished about 30 people moved in to enjoy the warmth of the the Hills' house, good company and  refreshments.

Debate semifinal in Kuopio

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Debate Semifinal for sixth-form students took place in Kallaveden lukio, Kallavesi Sixth Form,  on Tuesday, 16 November. There were teams from Kallavesi, Musiikkilukio and Minna Canth Sixth Forms. The judges were Peter Hill and Paul Bailey. It was the team from Minna Canth that won this year. They will continue to the finals at the British Embassy in Helsinki in January. The winning team  there with their teacher will be awarded a tour to London in summer.


What Is New in Spoken English

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What is new in Spoken English?


     Mikael Davies  gave an answer to that question. It was an an excellent chance  to update our own spoken language skills. Mikael Davies is an excellent performer and a classful of people greatly enjoyed his talk at Kuopion Lyseon lukio on Saturday, 2 October 2010.

     He dealt with

    - American influences        - Intonation

    - Teenspeak and texting     - Technical neologisms

    -  Bigging up language       - Speech patterns in written English


Enigma and the Secret World of Codebreaking

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Dr Jamers Grime DR JAMES GRIME
Enigma Project Officer,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
University of Cambridge

James Grime is a lecturer and public speaker on the topics of pure mathematics, particularly group theory and cryptography. He visited Kuopio on Tuesday, 21 September,  and reveal the secrets of codebreaking and the Enigma machine at Kuopion Lyseo. 120 people attended his presentation and greatly enjoyed his most interesting performance.


FinnBrits'Federation Autumn Seminar

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on Friday, 17th September 2010


is arranging, in collaboration with
the annual Autumn Seminar
at the British Embassy Conference room,
Itäinen Puistotie 17, 00140 Helsinki,
on Friday, 17th September 2010, starting at 12.00

Finnish-British Society
Tel: 09-68770240, Fax: 09-68770210

We kindly ask you to inform us, no later than 10th September,
if you wish to attend. (note: restricted numbers of participants)

The cost, including lunch and coffee/tea, is
¬ 30 for members and ¬ 40 for non-members

PS. Please note that all visitors will need a photographic ID to show to the Security Guards.



The seminar starts on Friday, 17th September at 12.00 with a buffet
lunch at the Embassy Residence hosted by the British Ambassador,
Mr Matthew Lodge

Seminar at the Conference Room:

13.00 Opening words: Mr Matthew Lodge, British Ambassador

13.10 Dr Peter Cunningham, Homerton College, Cambridge:

Learning societies and knowledge economies:
Lessons for the present from the past?

14.00 Professor Mary Ratcliffe, Associate Director, National Science Learning Centre:

Motivating teachers, motivating learners - in science.
14.45 Coffee break

15.00 Tessa Kelly, Head of MFL, Trinity School, Belvedere, UK:

The Trinity Spirit

16.00 Dr James Grime, Enigma Project Officer, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge:

Enigma and the Secret World of Codebreaking.

16.50 Seminar ends

MAY 2010

Armchair Tour of Singapore

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Our guide was Susan Virtanen, a Singaporean, who now lives in Kuopio with her Finnish husband.  She gave us a presentation on the origin of Singapore and its culture, people, food etc.  On the tour  refreshments were served .

English stories for all

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Peter Hill  read English stories at the Satuhuone of the City Library  on Monday 3 May.

International Fair

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The International Fair was held on a beautiful sunny day, on Saturday 22 May, but not at  the Market Square like in previous years. The venue was the harbour. As a novelty there was home-made English orange marmalade for sale in our stall.  There were also  English books  to purchase or (swap if peole brought some of their own) The money will be used for charity.

APRIL 2010

English stories for all

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Peter Hill will read English stories at the Satuhuone of the City Library at 6.00pm on Monday 12 April.

The Bitter Berry: the story of Kullervo

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Nick Hennessey, the English storyteller and musician, visited Kuopio on Tuesday, 13 April. Two years ago we could enjoy his fascinating performance of KALEVALA. Last year he took us to the world of old English and Irish stories. This time he told us the story of Kullervo. It was interesting to hear what the story of Kullervo was like when told by an English storyteller and titled "The Bitter Berry, the story of Kullervo, son of Kalervo. The performance took place at Kuopion Lyseo.

MARCH 2010

Annual General Meeting

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The AGM was held in the Korttelimuseo Cafe, Kirkkokatu 22, on Tuesday, 23 March, at 6 pm. It was chaired by Raimo Turjanmäki. After the formal meeting coffee/tea and cake was served to commemorate the society's 65th year of activities.

English Stories to People of All Ages

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Peter Hill will read English stories for people of all ages in the Satuhuone of the City Library on Monday, 8 March, at  6 pm.


St. Valentine's Day Party

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The friendship societies in Kuopio joined  their forces and celebrated  St. Valentine' Day  by giving a party at the Savonia Hotel and Retaurant on Saturday, 13 February, 2010. As the theme this year was the USA,  many delicious American dishes were served at the  buffet dinner . The Party was attended by a hundred members from eleven friendship societies and everybody seemed to have a good time.


English Stories to People of All Ages

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English stories were read to people of all ages at the "Satuhuone" of Kuopio City Library on the first Monday of every month starting on January 11th at 6 pm. Peter Hill chose the stories to read according to the age of his audience.

Home-made orange marmalade

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Some members of the society worked hard tp provide our stall at the Internationa Fair with home-made orange marmalade. The marmalade was made at Pirkko and Peter Hill's in Paasisalo and it will be a novelty in our stall. A novelty will also be the venue; the fair will be held in the harbour on 22 May.