Tällä sivulla on kaikki kyseisenä vuonna tallennetut uutiskirjeet, yksittäiset kuvat ja tapahtumat. Vieritä tapahtumia alaspäin ja missä voit kamerakuvaketta, siellä on kuvia, jotka liittyvät kyseiseen tapahtumaan. Olemme aina valmiita lisäämään puuttuvia esineitä, jotka sinun mielestäsi tulisi tallentaa.

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Crazy Age - a Seminar on Ageing
Friday 28th of September 2018, 12:00 - 17:00

presents, in collaboration with

The Annual Autumn Seminar
at the British Embassy,
Itäinen Puistotie 17, 00140 Helsinki


12.00 Lunch in the Embassy Residence Conference room
13.10 Opening words by an Embassy representative
13.20 Jane Miller: “Memory. How do young people view old age?”
14.00 Robert Shaw: “Ageing. A personal perspective of a Pharmacist in Research/Industry”
14.45 Coffee break
15.15 Hilkka Olkinuora: “Growing up, growing down, growing old, growing human”
16.00 Discussion around the topic
16.30 Closing remarks by Marjut Salminen, Chair of the Federation of Finnish-British Societies

About the speakers:

Jane Miller is a professor emerita from London University Institute of Education. She has written several books and will bring copies of “Crazy Age” to the seminar.

Hilkka Olkinuora is a writer, a pastor, a journalist and a public speaker. Among her latest books are “Parasta ikää”, “Elä ihmeessä” and “Valo on.”

Robert Shaw is a pharmacologist and chemical engineer. He shares his life between Kuopio and Manchester.

Guests will need to book in advance through the Finnbrit website www.finnbrit.fi and bring a photographic ID to gain entry.

The cost, including lunch and coffee/tea is €30
Book by the 15th of September 2018